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Motivated Team

Our work in East Africa was initiated by our German volunteer doctors Dr. Dr. Oliver Blume und Gunther Au-Balbach, who continue to perform invaluable work as organizators and surgeons. We are also fortunate to have a growing pool of dedicated and highly trained local doctors and nurses. Financing and additional specialist training for cleft treatment is organized by DCKH. Since there is a lot of ground to cover and still preciously few trained specialists available, our teams regularly travel the region on surgical missions to treat local patients.

Surgical mission to Rulenge

Dr Laurent Siborurema with members of his surgical team and Rulenge clinic personnel during an October 2018 surgical mission to Rulenge. Bishop Severine Niwemugizi of the Rulenge-Ngara diocese, Tanzania is an invaluable partner in our effort.

Cleft treatment in Kajaga

The Centre Médical Hippocrate in Burundi is another important pillar of our cleft treatment efforts. Pictured: Dr Béatrice Kamikazi (third from left) and Dr Léandre Nimbona (right) of the Centre Médical Hippocrate with their German and Ugandan colleagues during a February 2018 cleft treatment mission at the Centre Médical Hippocrate.

Surgical mission to Gitwe

Team members, including Dr Emmanuel Munyarugero, Dr Dr Oliver Blume, and Dr Laurent Siborurema, on a 2018 surgical mission to Gitwe.